When does the first week of Ottoneu start in 2024?

I know the first MLB game is March 20th 2024. When is our first week start.

For H2H it’ll include the Seoul games, and will start on 3/20.

I will manually make the first week include more than just the Seoul Series. It’ll go from 3/20 to 4/7, and leagues can start setting lineups whenever they want in that period to start their season off. Honestly thanks for pointing this out to me @dp73, that would have been a very funny and annoying first week otherwise!

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Hey, does that mean it’s NOT included for points leagues? We set our draft for 3/23 not realizing that dumb first series comes before then. I don’t really care if we end up losing those two games, but people are asking so I figured I’d check

No, its included for everyone - the Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball season starts on 3/20. If you draft after or otherwise don’t set your lineups for 3/20 and 3/21, those games will just be ignored for your league. Entirely up to your league on how you want to manage it.

OPL will not include the Seoul Series.

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