When exactly is the Fantasy Baseball Trade Deadline?

I think this comes up every year because no one can remember how it works. Plus I thought this might be good information for anyone new to this system.

Because of the 48hr trade approval time line, do trades need to be PROCESSED/COMPLETED by 11:59 EST on Aug.31st (accepted by 11:59 EST on the 29th) or ACCEPTED by 11:59 EST on Aug. 31 and will be allowed to process 48hrs later?


  1. August 31 is during Daylight savings time, so the time zone is ‘EDT’
  2. You must accept trades by the deadline. They do not need to be processed by the deadline, which is 11:59 PM EDT on August 31.

On this topic, is there a way to clear trades proposed but not finalized by the deadline?

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I have a note somewhere around here to do that every year and every year I forget :slight_smile:

I’ll do this today!

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