Where are the NCAA Division I incoming freshman?

The rule here mention the G league and college players, but I don’t actually see the star freshman in the draft room.

Have received this question a few times. NCAA rosters haven’t been updated because there aren’t NCAA rosters yet for the 2021-22 season. I imagine they will be updated closer to when that season actually starts.


Chet Holmgren… that auction outta be wild!!

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Looks like a lot of NCAA rosters have been released for the upcoming season. These players will be added to the player universe in the next few days.


I am hoping to add these guys in today or tomorrow. I’m still working with our data provider on getting international players into the player pool.


Ok, we’ve finally completed a massive dump of NCAA Division I players and a few others:

NBA: added 0 players and updated 0 players
G League: added 8 players and updated 32 players
College: added 1595 players and updated 0 players

Going forward, we will be adding players to the player universe nightly as they are added to rosters. This is mostly relevant for the few NCAA D1 teams and the majority of G-League teams that have not released their rosters yet. This means going forward, we should never have a massive, 1600 player added type of day. It should be more gradual in future seasons.

Chet Holmgren is in the system, go start your auctions.


Does update indicate a position eligibility change?

No. Update means we linked player IDs, i.e. some G-League players are now linked with NCAA or NBA players.

Position eligibility is entirely up to our data provider and is/has been updated nightly.

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Just to be clear about what “linked” means - our data provider has separate player IDs for the same person at the NBA, G-League, or NCAA levels. We do not want up to 3 versions of a player, we want the player you snagged in college to be automatically linked as they progress upward. So instead of adding, say, a G-League version of a player who was in college last year, we link our data provider’s various IDs to ensure that there is only one of each player in our player universe.

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how are new college players added in season? specifically, someone like Shaedon Sharpe who was previously not enrolled for the year, but is now at Kentucky for the new semester and is practicing with the team now? Do you have to play in a game to become eligible for auction?


They have to be on the active roster.

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It seems that Shaedon Sharpe has been automatically added to the player pool