Why is maximum mid-season auction bid $100?


I notice on the average salary page (https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/averageValues) there are a handful of players with salaries over $100 (Harper is owned at $104 by somebody, for example).

However, during a mid-season auction, it appears that I can enter up to $100 as my highest bid. If I type in $101 and above, it says my bid is invalid. So, I assume these players were grabbed during the pre-season auction instead of mid-season.

Is there a reason to cap mid-season bids at $100? While that’s - in all practicality - over-investing in a single player, wouldn’t it still be allowed if that team could field the remaining roster spots?


Great find. This is a legacy cap from before Ottoneu was a service you could sign up for and instead was just a league I ran with @chy924 and @dooberfig. There’s no reason to have a price cap on in-season auctions, and I’ll remove it later this summer.