Why is there a month for arbitration?

I think the arbitration model is incredible, however it definitely limits action in the league. Why does it take a month when couple weeks would be serviceable to get it in?

Arbitration period is timed for the following reasons:

  1. It does not start until after stat corrections are made and prizes are sent out following the MLB season
  2. It does not end until after the MLB playoffs and usually after MLB awards are handed out
  3. It gives time for owners to be replaced and new owners to come in and participate in arbitration if necessary
  4. It allows Ottoneu players to not really have to worry about Ottoneu during the MLB playoffs

The break is especially important after the grind of the Ottoneu regular season. It does all these things and still allows for a 10+ week off-season so I do not plan on making a change to this part of the calendar.