Why is there a soft IP cap instead of a hard one?

I would like to know the reason if the 560 cap or 1500 cap in traditional years for innings pitch is altered and not a true “cap”. Not sure how that makes sense? For example a team can earn points past the cap what?! Why? It makes sense once 560 is reached no more points. Once 1500 no more points. 4 years in. Row 4th place and one time 5. I get the rule but I am not willing to sacrifice my dynasty keeper league to choose streamers during the last week to try and get over the cap to “steal” the win. Not sure I get this rule. This year you try and get to the 560 plus knowing the rule and boom Canning gets benched and season over lose by 20. Because the top 3 teams end up 569 to 575 plus innings. 560 cap 1500 cap?

It is because storing a unique record for every single MLB player-Ottoneu team combo is not feasible. I wrote about it at length in 2014:

This is why a soft inning cap is standard across most fantasy baseball platforms.