Will SaberSim Be Available This Year

Hi Niv,

Will sabersim be available this year? Thanks

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Checking w FanGraphs on this

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SaberSim will be available only on FanGraphs player pages this year.

thanks that is a bummer

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Any chance this could be added to the ottoneu player pages?



Thanks for all you do, Niv!

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Ottoneu will not be adding SaberSim - its availability on FanGraphs is already a huge gift given how much it costs and the terms between SaberSim and FG require that it is presented as it is and exclusively on FanGraphs.

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Just so folks know, Rotowire has daily projections (I think you might have to sign up for the DFS tier). You can do an Excel or CSV export of all players, which makes it a lot more convenient to use than SaberSim on FG. Highly recommend a Rotowire subscription, for many other reasons as well.