Will the rules around pitcher roles be changed in the future?

Will there be any changes made regarding pitching eligibility next year? Yesterday morning it was showing Graterol as starting, so I moved him into the SP slot. He didn’t start but later came in relief so I didn’t get his stats. There were a couple times earlier in the year where I would check my lineup in the afternoon and Graterol wasn’t designated as starting in Ottoneu, but he did end up starting so I missed out on those stats too. I have no problem checking my team once a day but have to do so numerous times a day is a little ridiculous.

There are no plans to change these rules.

2020 was a weird season and probables were changing constantly. Given the fluid situation that seemed unique to 2020 with the number of doubleheaders and the lack of days off, if you want to know accurate information regarding probables, you would need to check close to game time to get the most accurate picture.

This doesn’t change the underlying logic for the role-related rules, which forces teams to carry actual SPs and actual RPs rather than piling up on RPs that happen to be playable in SP slots.

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