Would you do this trade?

I’m giving up Carlos Martinez $22 and Jacoby Ellsbury $6 for Byron Buxton $12, Sean Manaea $3, and Reynaldo Lopez $3. I like the lot of young talent but is it worth letting Martinez go??


I think in this case we can ignore Ellsbury, so the trade is essentially CMart for Buxton, Manaea, Lopez. There’s some risk there, but I like Manaea to take a step forward this year, and Lopez could potentially be very good. Buxton could be anything, and is the real wild card here. Overall I like the move. The average price for CMart in all Ottoneu leagues right now is $15, so he’s no bargain at $22. Solid deal.

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I really like Carlos Martinez, but a load of talent like that made me wonder, thanks for the response

Who wins? Who loses? Archer $20 and $7 loan for Franklin Barreto $3 and Michael Kopech $4

I would definitely pick Archer here.

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