Wrong number of games played at C?

So I’ve run into another statistical oddity, I have 12 games played at catcher on my GP tracker, yet the Cardinal and Yadi have only played 11 games this season and he is my only MLB level catcher on my roster.

Its possible its not reconciling today’s game but I counted the St. Louis Cardinal games played and still came up with tomorrows game being number 12. Maybe its 1230 pm and I have been working too many hours and am losing it. If that’s the case sorry.

First off, it was probably 1230am :slight_smile: Sounds like you’re working way too many hours.

However! The Cards have only played 11 games. So, something seems off here. Could you let me know your team ID or team name?

Whoa Ive lost the ability to tell day from night…no bueno. This happened in league 717 my team is pantalones marrones de california.

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Something does seems off though, I have Yadi in two of my other leagues and in league #43 I traded for Yadi and got him March 30th but had Zunino (I do recall him hitting the 10 day DL earlier so maybe that’s why) before Molina and it shows 8 GP for C. And league 836 I have had Yadi all season and it also shows 12 GP.

Are you not willing to admit to owning Carson Kelly or … ?

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Or that one game you started Chris Iannetta?

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Both are suspect…:wink:

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You have 11 games from Yadi and 1 game from Iannetta in 717. I’m guessing it’s similar across other leagues.

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I was so excited to actually use the platoon at catcher to its fullest and then Kelly got sent down. Womp womp.

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Thank you for looking into this. I did not remember playing Ianetta.

I wouldn’t want to either :slight_smile:

As a general note for anyone else who wanders into this thread, the games played / innings pitched code is code I have a lot of confidence in, but getting a quick early season gut check is always good.

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Its usually user insanity. Guilty as charged but I really appreciate you checking for me. Thank you very very much