Wrong start time for BOS-TOR 5/20/21

Seems like this topic has been brought up before but once again we have a Toronto game that Ottoneu has starting a full hour before it actually starts today (5/20/21). I noticed it happened last week as well with Toronto. It’s probably a FanGraphs issue but judging by previous posts this has been a problem for years now, hopefully we can get it fixed this time? Thanks all!

This is an issue with the provider who provides schedules to FanGraphs. I do not have direct access to show them that they are off by a minimum of 2 minutes on literally every Blue Jays start time, but I have raised it with FanGraphs. I do not know if FanGraphs is planning to stay with this provider in the future so we’ll see how it progresses. In the mean time if you see a start time off by a hour or so, please just post to the TechSupport forums. Thanks.

Oh and the Blue Jays start time for today has been adjusted.

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Thanks Niv!