Wrong team advanced in the playoffs

good morning Niv

Perfect 10 won the first round of the playoffs but did not advance…likely a good reason why…can you help?

Hm, I don’t see any obvious score changes so let me dig in a little bit. I’ll manually correct it if necessary.

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The only thing I can come up with is the FanGraphs data load was a little slow and the cascading set of effects resulted in the scores being temporarily incorrect at 4am when the new games were set up.

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let me know before you do…my opponent had a start left and Bieber on his bench…could have been a tech issue on his side…if so, he would have won

Just let me know what you want me to do. Perfect 10 should have advanced and I’m not really sure why the system did not advance them.

I’m Perfect 10 so maybe I should talk to the commissioner…one of us will let you know…playoffs resume today so no time to waste

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I’ve added some more logging to the system that advances teams so I can more easily understand what may have happened in this situations in the future, but for now my call would be Perfect 10 should advance.

I do not see any scoring changes here that would have affected this game.

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I sent a note to the commissioner

If i dont hear back, we’ll defer to you


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I think I understand the issue, if Red Nex did not select Bieber- for whatever reason, blocked by a roster limit issue then Red nex should not advance. For whatever reason Bieber was not selected and we cannot make that move for him.


ok…then it looks like I have another week

there could be a matchup change as well, as Perfect 10 was the highest seed in round one and should likely match up with Freak-a-Zoid

I’ll leave that to Niv

thanks for sorting this out


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I still am not sure why the team with fewer points advanced, but I will make the change to the 2nd round matchup. Perfect 10 is going to straight replace the other team, since we re-seed each round of the playoffs.


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