Yasiel Puig In Limbo

Puig has been placed on revocable waivers, what do you expect to happen?

  • Puig is claimed, but the Dodgers pull him back and he remains with LA
  • Puig is claimed, and the Dodgers let the claiming team have him for nothing in return
  • Puig is claimed, and the Dodgers work out a trade with the claiming team
  • Puig goes unclaimed

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he has been claimed already, so that last option is invalid, i believe.

Do you have a source? I hadn’t seen that. I screwed up option 4 as well, since that’s really the same as them pulling him back.

I do not. I swear I saw it somewhere this morning. Let me keep looking…

posted on Slack. not sure the source though.

Claimed by the Brewers, right? Thought I saw a speculated trade involving Braun/Puig, which would have been interesting