Yearly draft auction values

Not sure if this is even possible or if I can be clear enough on what I am looking for but here goes. I would like to see average players values for what they went for during the last main auction draft period - say Feb. through April. Basically looking find out what dollar value a player is being won at auctions in the year 2019 (or in 2020, etc.). The average value listing is nice, but I don’t think it represents a current “market” price for a player because it includes values for the player that were kept on teams with low or high dollar values. If that player were to become available at an auction draft, the player might be won at a higher or lower value. Example - a number of owners probably kept Acuna on their rosters this year because they picked him up early as a minor league player and arbitrations haven’t had enough time to fully correct his value (his low value is a $1?). If Acuna was in every auction draft this year, I believe his value would be much higher than his current $26 (probably more like $40+). A number of owners I play with are getting heavy into the “surplus value” and are using roster price versus “average salary” to make their calculations. They see an average value of a player being $10 but an owner has him rostered at $15 so they think he is $5 overpriced. Maybe in the 2019 season, that player is going for $20 on average in drafts. It can also go in reverse. An owner thinks they have bargain because they have a player at $10 and the average says he is worth $15, but in 2019 that player is actually being drafted at $7 - the average is high because a high number of owners kept the player at the higher price and the player wasn’t available to feel the price adjustment. Like I said, not sure if this is something that can be done but I thought I would throw it our there as something to maybe consider. Thanks.


This is the current goal of the First Year Leagues filter. I think filtering on just auction draft prices would be a good second filter though. It doesn’t quite replace a first-year from scratch price, but it is indicative of where the market is currently.

I can look into adding this in the next week.


I really like the first year only filter, I think a couple additional handy filters would be:
redraft only - excludes results from year 1 drafts and and keepers
keepers only - only players rostered after deadline before 1st draft

Also, somewhere on the screen a chart or tally of how many of each type league currently exist would be useful. Not sure if thats possible since some leagues probably aren’t active.

also, I the navigation bar disappears on the average values page.


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