Yelich Value

What sort of value does Yelich have at $18? Lots of unknowns with him. HR’s? SB’s? Team (could be traded)?

Would you trade Domingo Santana at $12 and Teheran ($18) for Yelich? I don’t have any idea why he wants Teheran. He was a “for sure drop.” But Santana isn’t that much different than Yelich.

Thanks in advance for the help.

What format? You mention SB so I’m assuming 5x5?

Yep. Sorry. 5x5 Ottoneu Old School

I would imagine Yelich is much closer to a $25+ player in 5x5

Yep. I had him at $25 too, and that’s before inflation. Santana had a great year last year, but I like Yelich more. Easy to get drawn into that 30 HR’s, though.