Yoan Moncada Gets the Call Up (9.1.16)

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So Moncada gets the call, will play 3B for BOS. What are @everyone expectations here?


Will be a fun prospect to watch develop


I think he’ll walk and hit for power right away, but strike out too much to have an impact in ottoneu RoS. I think he breaks out in a big way in 2017 though, and has an early career that looks a lot like peak Hanley Ramirez but with a bit less contact and a bit less power.


Interesting, because I actually think the opposite for 2016: I think he’ll hit for almost no power but his speed will be an asset. I can see the breakout in 2017, but he is striking out 30% of the time in AA and it’s a big jump to MLB for sure. I guess we will find out soon enough.


The :robot: in me is much more pessimistic, but he’s still sleeping this morning.


I like the bold report here:

Kinsler’s career really is kind of underrated:


Another scouting report on BOS Yoan Moncada: