05/26/21 CIN vs WAS Stats

The Reds-Nats game yesterday was postponed and then completed today. However, it doesn’t look like the stats from the part of the game played today have been added to last night’s game stats. For example, Jesse Winker went 4-5 over the course of the entire game; however, he’s just showing 1-2 on my “Today’s Stats” page from yesterday (Snells Like Team Spirit): Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - live - Ottoneudist Colony

Thanks in advance.

For suspended games, the stats come in the day after the resumed portion is completed. If tomorrow afternoon you still don’t see stats, let me know.


Should i expect to get the points from Wednesday and Thursdays portion of the game from a player if he was only started on wednesday?

I was just creating a topic for this and saw this thread pop up as similar. Stats have still not updated for the 5/26/21 suspended game which was resumed and completed on 5/27/21. I noticed myself as I was wondering where my Daniel Hudson stats went.

Well it’s not this afternoon yet.

Search “suspended games” using the magnifying glass icon for the relevant thread about how suspended games work.

Hi, for some reason under today’s stats for last night May 27, it shows the Nationals losing 3-0 and therefore doesn’t credit Hand with a save. Would you please check on this and update? Thanks!

Hand got a save in the suspended game, so his stats from that game will show up on 5/26.

Great, thanks for the quick response!

Looks like the stats for Turner, Soto and Hand correctly appear for the suspended 5/26 game, but the daily point value doesn’t add up to the sum of the batters+hitters points in the table…am I just being impatient? Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - live - DRB Tampa Bay Rays

This should be fixed now. The CIN-WAS suspended game is at this point showing stats as expected on 5/26, the points are adding up correctly, and season totals include them.


Thank you!

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