$20 Tier League

Harold Reynolds Superstars (ID 529) Established 2015
The league is currently seeking 2 managers. $20 Tier League with FanGraphs Points.
I will allow penalty free cuts for the managers that join after the keeper deadline of Feb 15 2022.

Please contact me @sshoberg@gmail.com if you are interested.

You will need to follow this link and claim the team

I’ll take team 2

Another person is interested in this team. I can’t physically hold it for anyone as the website doesn’t give me that power so its first come first serve type of thing. You will need to go to the home page and actually select the claim button before I can add you.



Are you on Slack? Some leagues actively recruit on that platform rather than the Ottoneu forums.

To join, post your email to this thread:

@sshoberg just FYI your league is private and as a result anyone who wants to pick up these teams will need the league password from you, which does in fact allow you to hold teams for people.

I’m not but I will download it now. Thanks!

The box for Private League is not checked. I have never adjusted this setting before. I also has someone claim a team last night without me giving them a password so I am not sure what’s going on. I had another person email that they needed a password.

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Yeah agreed, the remaining team in this league definitely does not need a password.