2017 Final FGPTS Scoring by Player

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Here is the final Ottoneu scoring (FGPTS) by Player, by Position


Excellent. Thanks very much.


This will come in handy.


I have updated this file with the Ottoneu FGPTS Average Salaries of players as of 10/15/17 so that we can set the baseline for salaries by player prior to the impact of arbitration across leagues. I’ve also added a column on each of the Top 20 POS tabs to show PTS/AVG $ to give at least some insight into how valuable some players were in 2017 relative to their cost. For those new to arbitration, this should serve as a helpful guide, though there are still a lot of other factors you should consider when allocating funds in arbitration.

If you see any issues with the file let me know.

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I’ve tweaked this file now to reflect @eamuscatuli final 2017 season production values, by player, and also now showing “surplus” by player based on season-ending Ottoneu average salaries


@LuckyStrikes can you help me understand the next to last column that’s marked “P/AVG $”? I’m assuming it stands for points/avg $. I’m having a hard time understanding what it represents & how to use it.??? I sincerely appreciate the work you do on this site. Thanks


It’s just a quick and dirty way to calculate a player’s value (how many points he scored relative to his cost). It’s not super useful as it isn’t weighted in any way. Columns F, G and H are going to be the most useful and the spreadsheet will be even more useful after the arbitration period is over and those numbers are added.