2018 Openings in Ottoneu Champions League

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The Ottoneu @Champions league will have at least one opening for the 2018. Please review the rules here and let us know if you have interest. Commissioners @SABRmagician and @DSpracale will be making new ownership selections in the coming weeks. As a reminder, only those who have won (including 2017) at least one Ottoneu championship are eligible.


Yes sirs. Very much interested in being Champion and rocking that sweet jersey


Definitely interested. Won 32 a few years back and am about to win 159 this year.



interested in being considered as well


Still interested. When might we hear?


i’m also interested in being considered. I’m active daily :slight_smile:


I don’t have an ETA yet on when these decisions will be made, but appreciate the interest and we’ll update as soon as we can.


We will have five openings in 2018 for Champions B (725). You can see which rosters are available here. Please reply here if interested in joining the Ottoneu @Champions league; either @SABRmagician or @DSpracale will be in touch. Goal is to find new owners prior to the start of arbitration (10/15).


I have privately expressed interest to several participants already, but I am also very interested in joining. Thank you for your consideration.


It would be an honor to join such a prestigious league. I won a championship this year and would really relish the challenge of playing with such good players. My dedication is second to none and would give the best effort you could see in Champs B. This dedication is shown through placing in the first ever $250 Ottoneu league. You would not regret having me as part of your league.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I would love to be selected.


I have not won an Ottoneu championship yet, but I would like to be considered if you don’t find five other interested owners. Look at my second place finish for each of the last three years in https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/464/standings (including a come-from-behind on the last day this year to defend my streak) for proof that I’m a competitive and engaged owner.


I am in if you need another


I’ll throw my name in ring as well. Would obvious love mixing it up with a bunch of all you experts.


Yes, I’d like in if possible. I won 761 if that matters.


Just wait 'til next year.


If these rosters have not yet been assigned, I would be thrilled to join. I won my Ottoneu league this year in my first year (https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/179/home) and broke many league records, including both hitting and pitching records, as well as most points. I also won two leagues on a different site and have competed in usually two leagues a year on that site for several years, including championship leagues, and have never finished below second. I have really enjoyed Ottoneu and intend to focus on Ottoneu leagues moving forward and would love to try my hand in the Champions league and compete with the best. Thank you for considering me for your league.