2018 Playoff Options

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Sorry to be responding to such an old post but we are trying to understand the limits for h2H with playoffs and are confused by this post.

  • The rules say there are no positional or IP caps for H2H leagues but in this post, you say there is a 162 game limit for SP starts?
  • What are the 2 SP slots you are referring to in this post and how does it replace the IP limits?

Replying to my own post :roll_eyes:
So I see the rules were changed in 2020?

β€œIn H2H leagues, there will no longer be season-long positional or IP caps. The per-matchup SP GS cap will be the only cap in H2H leagues this season.”
This 2020 rule change is still active in 2021?

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Yep you got it.