Planned Baseball Gameplay Changes for 2020: GP/IP cap changes and auto-eject option

There are two gameplay changes coming to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball for the 2020 season. I am announcing them today to ensure that everyone has the same set of information ahead of the keeper deadline. The two changes pertain to GP/IP caps in H2H leagues and leagues with playoffs, as well as a new auto-eject lineup feature.

GP and IP Cap Changes in 2020

In H2H leagues, there will no longer be season-long positional or IP caps. The per-matchup SP GS cap will be the only cap in H2H leagues this season. I am looking for feedback specifically pertaining to a per-matchup positional GS cap for 2021, so please share your thoughts on that idea.

In season-long leagues (4x4, 5x5, points) that have playoffs to determine the league winner, the positional and IP caps will be reduced. These leagues have a regular season that is roughly 5/6 the length of a season-long league without playoffs. As such, the following adjustments will be made to caps:

C, 1B, 2B, SS, MI, 3B, Util: 135 games (from 162)
OF: 675 games (from 810)
IP: 1250 IP (from 1500)

The site will reflect these new caps accordingly.

Auto-eject Lineup Option

The other planned change that will affect in-season gameplay is the option to automatically remove players from your lineup if their MLB team is playing and they are not in the starting lineup. When enabled, the player that is not starting will be locked into a bench spot on the current date about five minutes before game time, when they’d normally lock into their positional slot. They will not be moved to the bench for future dates. The goal of this change is to help those of you managing multiple teams, especially in points leagues. This feature is the direct result of this wishlist item.

There will be other platform improvements ahead of the 2020 fantasy baseball season, but these changes will have the most impact on your keeper decisions. Please ask any questions or comments about these changes in this thread. As always, thank you so much for your continued support of Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


to be clear, the auto remove is an option we can set to use or not to use?

Correct, it will be a switch on the lineup page. Each team can individually choose on any given day to use it or not use it.


Auto eject sounds amazing. There’s nothing more annoying than having a hitter use up a GP and only get a pinch hit appearance.


assuming the auto-eject function will not affect relief pitchers when turned on? cause that could be bad

Correct, it will look at our projected positional starters from Rotowire and only affect positional players (hitters). It will not affect any pitchers.


Excellent addition, Niv. Keep up the good work my man!


Will the auto eject feature be by player or for all starting players on your team? In other words, could I set auto eject just for the shortstop in case he is not starting but leave other players in the lineup even if they do not start their games?

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It will be for all the starting position players on your team. You will not be able to set it on a per-position basis.

niv, nice add on the auto-eject feature! looking forward to using it already!

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Auto-eject is great functionality, thanks for adding that Niv!

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Sounds like a great feature. Appreciate you’re consistent work to improve the platform.

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Why did you reduce non-Outfielders to 135 games from 162?

In season-long leagues that have playoffs, the regular season is about 5/6 the length of a season-long league without playoffs. In order for game caps to be relevant and serve their purpose, they had to be reduced in the scenario where the last month of a season is all cap-less playoff games.

If your league does not have playoffs, there will be no change to your team’s positional game caps.

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I like the auto-eject option. Nice addition. Good job!

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Will auto eject work for games rained out? It would be nice to add a player to one’s lineup for rainouts. It’s frustrating when u realize a games is rained out and u go to substitute that player but you can’t because you are locked out.

Auto-eject will not affect weather delays since we still do not have reliable weather data. There is a wishlist thread about weather delays, I recommend it.

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