Rain Delay and PPD

Dang. Would have had 5 SP today, to cross the IP cap but Norris (CLE/DET) got delayed. I can’t sub him out since the game already is past it’s 1:10 start time. @niv would there be any possible way to allow lineups to be altered (generally) to allow for postponements and delays.

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For example, if a player is in lineup, once the game is PPD (announced) he unfreezes and can be moved.

No, ottoneu will follow the industry standards on this.

Here is what Yahoo says about rained out games:


So does this mean that if Tigers and Indians players were locked into the lineup but the game was never played it would still count against games played? In my league it appears that way but doesn’t make sense since they didn’t play. And if the game is made up Monday will that count stats for ottoneu leagues even though the season ends October 2nd according to the league’s main page? Also since auctions have to begin more than 48 hours from midnight of the last day of the season will auctions be able to start up to midnight on Saturday night instead of Friday?

  1. Postponed games don’t count as games played.

  2. Most of your questions are answered in this thread: The last day to start auctions is 2 days before 11:59pm ET of the last day of the season

popping back in here to ask if it would be possible to get a PPD notifier on the lineups page for any players in a PPD game? if i show up at 6:50 for the 7 pm starts and see a nice green check next to my players, i need to go elsewhere to determine if the game is actually going to happen. a little PPD next to the game (or instead of the checkmark) would be helpful.

I’ll also note that industry standards aside, i like the idea of guys only locking when their game ACTUALLY starts, rather than when it was supposed to start. but i get that might not be feasible.


I’ve brought this up with our data provider (i.e. FanGraphs) and we’re going to work together to surface this status. This should be addressed sometime this season.

Why is a player locked in my lineup when the game is postponed due to rain ?I can’t take him out four a player that is actually playing

We don’t have PPD or Rain Delay data yet but I’m working on getting it in the next week or two. So right now, players will lock at their scheduled game time, regardless of weather status.

If you send me an email (help@ottoneu.com) about what player, etc, I can look into removing them from your lineup.


Is there any chance of getting players freed up to move out of the line-up after a game has been cancelled before it started?


Not sure if your data provider can accommodate, but when a game is postponed would it be possible to put a red p or something similar to the red x next to a players name?

I haven’t addressed this wishlist item in a while! Our data provider knows our number one request from them right now is weather data. We want to show if a game start is delayed or postponed at minimum, and perhaps move on to a place where players in delayed games are not locked until the game is about to start. All of this depends on what data our provider has and how it’ll be packaged to us, but I hope to have an update about this very soon.

Sounds good. Forgot this had been requested in the past, hope you’re able to push it through. Thanks for all you do!

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Read your link. It says the opposite " If a player’s game is officially postponed (PPD), you can move that player to the bench and swap him out for another player on your roster even after the game’s originally scheduled start time. Note that if any stats have been counted for the game (for any player) before the game is postponed, the roster position will remain locked and cannot be edited.

Players in games with a status of delayed will be locked. Only when the game is officially postponed will the player be unlocked

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I’d love if we could follow that industry move if it is new. Being able to move an officially (no stats accumulated) ppd player after the scheduled start time would be VERY helpful.

Edit: reposted from split off thread as this statement is more wish list request support, than tech support.

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Once we have the data, we’ll be able to explore how best to use it.

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I should also add that “locked but clear a game is delayed” and “unlocked once a game is postponed” both seem great to me.


Given much earlier comments above about industry standards, does the fact that Yahoo now allows PPD starters to be subbed out have any bearing on whether Ottoneu can/will follow suit? Definitely a big wishlist item on my end, particularly in this crazy year.

Huge on our wishlist too. Basically the top of it from a data perspective.

We have new feeds that help us determine games being postponed, but I am not sure exactly how it reflects games that are in a delay. The ideal situation would be, in this case, to not lock players in delayed games and then remove the postponed games from the lineup page. Right now we are only doing the latter, not the former. Kind of the worst of all worlds.

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