The last day to start auctions is 2 days before 11:59pm ET of the last day of the season

Auctions can’t go into the offseason.

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Thanks for the clarity Niv. Its always helpful. One more what if:

What is the otto stance on a game 163 played as a tie breaker to get into the playoffs? Can we get players involved in a game 163 (after Oct 2) into lineups if we still have game limits not exceeded? I know, a crazy nit pick nuance here, but just curious. The potential for a Giants/Cardinals/Mets tiebreaker is still alive.

I have been involved in leagues where game 163 actually decided roto categories and final standings, which always is great comedy for the “losers”.

This is the last time this happened I think:

If it’s part of the regular season, then game 163 will count for ottoneu. I guess it would extend how late auctions could be started, but we won’t know about game 163 happening until after the end of the auction deadline for the end of the day of game 163 (oh man try and parse that) so it will be effectively moot.

Get your auctions started by 11:59pm ET on September 30th is what I’m saying.

Okay, so it seems there is a Tigers-Indians game scheduled for October 3rd. It may not happen if it becomes moot, but it is scheduled, so the ottoneu regular season has been extended by one day, to October 3rd.

That means auctions can be started up until 11:59pm ET tomorrow, October 1.

Can I ask about waiver claims once the season officially ends? If I cut someone today, can they be claimed or are waivers suspended? For the life of me I can’t remember from previous seasons.


It is considered the regular season right now, because of that potential for tiebreaker games today, but tomorrow the waiver claims page will not list recently cut players and allow them to be claimed. There are no waiver claims in the offseason.

I’m bumping this thread as a reminder for how things will change around if there are regular season tiebreaker games. These games will also count in playoff games that are currently happening.

EDIT: I wrote the above somewhat instinctively, but having thought it over it makes no sense for game 163s and onward to count towards playoff games that are scheduled to end on Sunday. I’ll write a separate post, but any game 163, 164s will NOT count towards playoff games, but WILL count towards season-long leagues.

I have a question about tiebreakers, Niv. As of right now, we could have two days of tiebreakers. Does that mean auctions could start end of day on Sunday now? If we know tomorrow that there will only be one day of tiebreakers, will that mean Saturday will be the last day? Or, will it be end of day on Sunday regardless because the possibility exists?

I know to be safe that we should start auctions today. I am asking more for cutting purposes. Maybe I want to cut high-priced Player X tonight if I know the last day of auctions is tomorrow, for example. If they can go onto until Sunday, maybe I won’t cut that player.

Thanks in advance.

The season will be extended once we know if there will be tiebreaker games - once they are scheduled, the season will be extended.

And I didn’t even answer your question: yes, if regular season games go until Tuesday, the last day to start auctions will be Sunday, but there’s no way of knowing that until Sunday afternoon, I believe.

Thanks for the answer, Niv. I saw that no auctions can be started as of now in the game. Considering the possibility of two days of tiebreakers is gone since the Rockies clinched last night, can auctions even be started in the game since Monday is the last possible day of the regular season and we will not know if there will be an extra day of games until Sunday around 6 pm? Based on the fact that they have to be started no later than 48 hours, my understanding would be that no more auctions are possible, correct?

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Yes, this is correct. Auctions are closed for 2018 now and cannot be opened back up because of what you wrote out.

Excellent, thank you for the clarification!

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What if Monday has games?

We’d know about those games after games are over Sunday, at which point you’re more than free to go back in time to Saturday 11:59p ET and start auctions.

Finally finding a use for this DeLorean in the garage. Thanks!!

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