Lineup eject for hitters not starting

I’ve suggested an “eject” feature for some time now on Slack, and I would like to move that suggestion here for discussion. You could turn it on (or off) for your team, and, if a player is not starting, it removes them from your lineup one minute before the player locks. It should not replace that player from your bench, nor should it be mandatory to use. I think this would make Ottoneu much more accessible for busy or international players. This would also help in the case of late scratches, rainouts, and potentially doubleheaders where you might be unable to manually act in time.

Owners still retain the benefit of checking their lineup often, because they will be able to put in a replacement player, whereas an owner who didn’t check will have an empty slot.


I agree that this is an extremely good idea that would be very valuable.


+1 This is a great idea


Excellent idea, well thought-out. It appears most hard core players own many teams. At the least, this saves time and reduces frustration.


I love this idea.

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At the very least offer leagues with this option, in case there are people who don’t want this feature in their league.

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I fully support this. I don’t live in the US, which can make it very hard to see my lineups just before certain start times. No matter how often I check (which is multiple times daily), I miss lots of these kinds of opportunities to make this kind of change, which far too often then results in spending a full game played on a pinch-hit opportunity.


My plan is to start exploring implementation for this in the offseason so that it can be a feature for the 2020 season.


Can I make a lot of “in hindsight” jokes about this 2020 implementation?