2020 Games and Inning caps

Given the 60-game season, the following caps will be implemented:

Games played: 60
OF Games played: 300
IP: 560 IP
Min IP: 460 IP

This is an approximate pro-rating of the full season numbers.

UPDATE: Per the convo down thread, I’ve changed min IP from 390 to 460, because 390 IP for a minimum was bad math.


For those of you in roto leagues with playoffs this season, first off, more power to you, and secondly your caps will be halved to reflect that the regular season will end on August 31.

Games played: 30
OF Games played: 150
IP: 280 IP
Min IP: 230 IP

The playoffs will remain cap-less other than the SP GS cap.

The new game and inning caps are reflected on the site. Please let me know if you have any questions or see any issues.


Confused about the min IP of 390 for 4x4 classic leagues. 37% of the usual 1250 min IP is about 460, not 390, while the 60 game max IP of 560 IP is about 37% of the usual 1500 max IP.

Concerned that this tilts the playing field a fair bit towards the bullpens, which are more random, and would like to see a more proportional allocation of the min IP; not sure why it wouldn’t be.

I screwed up this math I think. You are right, the min IP should be 460 IP.

Now, that is what I call a quick response. Thanks!
And, by the way, thanks for hanging in there with all of us. What a ride…

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are the caps soft/hard these days?

Can i go over with P if I start below on the day? OF?

The pitching cap is soft.

All positional caps are hard, but if your last “game” is a player who has a doubleheader, you will get both games in that doubleheader.

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Thank you sir

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