2022 OPL T-shirt

Here’s a mockup of the 2022 OPL T-shirt. They’ll be produced once the orders are in and I have a feel for size distribution.

My friend designed this with hand-drawn sketches to combine and make up the Ottoneu baseball logo.

Here are details from an earlier mock:

There are lots of “baseball” drawings here, as well as a dove and a cricket to celebrate the OPL successes of two particular managers, @weezy and @koalastorm.

I’m really excited about this t-shirt! Congrats to everyone who finished in the top 32 of OPL for winning one of these. Get your orders in soon so I can start production please :slight_smile:


This shirt is incredible, can’t wait to sport it. Major props to the designer, so much about baseball and OPL captured in the design and the nods to the winners? Awesome.

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Those shirts are so cool. I love the personalization towards the teams/owners who did well. Makes me want to crack the top 32 even more.


Love it! Can’t wait to get mine.

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So rad to see the design and have a dove-related Easter egg! Thanks Niv!


Wow! What a beautiful design. I am genuinely floored by this. Thanks for a great season — can’t wait for 2023 OPL!


I had no doubt it would look great, but this surpasses any hopes I had. Amazing work!

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I finished in the top 32 but don’t know how to put in my order! I don’t see a code or anything delivered to my email.

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Go to Ottoneu Prestige League - index

Click on prize tracker.

My lack of instruction on this was… not great, sorry :slight_smile:

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Last call for the t-shirt and the bat. Starting production this week!

There are not yet any bat coupons in the prize tracker. Confirmed with @weezy .

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I’m confirming that the bat coupons were not sent out and am working on it.

I believe bat coupons are now available.

End of day tomorrow for t-shirts!

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Coupon codes expired on 11/14 - if you want your coupon code extended a couple of days let me know ASAP!

There were a few (very few) extra 2022 OPL t-shirts. If you didn’t make the top 32 of the 2022 OPL but still want to snag a t-shirt, now is your chance