2024 Ottoneu Prestige League

The 2024 edition of the Ottoneu Prestige League will launch on March 1, 2024. For those of you not familiar, with OPL, it is a 240-team best-ball tournament that uses a modified version of your existing qualified Ottoneu Baseball roster. There are unique prizes and it adds an entire layer of strategy and intrigue to the existing Ottoneu experience.

With the keeper deadline looming and March 1 not that far away, here are some changes that will be made starting in OPL4.

  1. In the past, only the top 32 teams that made the elimination round qualified for the unique OPL t-shirt. Starting this year, every team that signs up for OPL will have access to buy the OPL t-shirt for $25, with a coupon that reduces the price of the t-shirt by $5 for each round your team advances. The top 32 teams will all receive a coupon for a free t-shirt.

  2. In the past, the 3rd round was the longest round, starting on June 1 and ending at the All-Star break. This year, the first round will be the longest, with a brand new roster update 4 weeks in to the season. The calendar for the OPL season, which starts on March 28 (sorry, Korea series) will be as follows:

  • March 28: Start of first round
  • April 25: Roster update (no teams eliminated)
  • May 16: Start of second round (70 teams eliminated) and roster update
  • June 13: Start of third round (70 teams eliminated) and roster update
  • July 15: Start of elimination round (68 teams eliminated) and roster update

The elimination round will play the same, with no more roster updates after July 15.

The rules page will be updated to reflect this new schedule and prize structure in the coming days.

This should make OPL more welcoming to players who haven’t tried it out before. You are in OPL for at least 7 weeks with an opportunity to adjust your roster midway through the first round. On top of that, you’re guaranteed a uniquely designed t-shirt.

I think OPL is a great part of the Ottoneu experience, and I hope more of you are able to give it a try this year. There are only 240 spots available and sign ups start on March 1. Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll update this thread as necessary.

Thanks for supporting Ottoneu!


The 2024 Ottoneu Prestige League will have signups opened up tomorrow.

The rules have been updated to reflect the extra snapshot as well as the t-shirt bonus for signing up.

I will update this thread as soon as 2024 OPL is live.


2024 OPL is live!

We already have 8 teams entered. I’m looking into an issue related to paying for a second team after you’ve already entered a first one.

All issues are resolved and OPL is filling up. OPL starts on March 28!

Over 1/4 of the 2024 OPL spots have been filled

OPL is now over 1/3 full. 158 spots remaining.

Hey Niv, just reading about the OPL and wanted to know more about it. When I click on the link my team/league pop up but indicates that my team is not qualified. Is the OPL something I should be looking into as a first time player in Ottoneu? Thanks

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New leagues aren’t qualified (formed after the start of the 2023 season), and you must finish in the top 6 of a 12-team league to qualify.

Here is the introduction post/thread:

Here are the rules:

If you are interested in playing OPL in 2025, you will need to figure out a path to qualification in 2024. Even if you aren’t interested in OPL, it may affect transactions in your league by teams that are interested in being OPL in the future or are in the 2024 OPL. I definitely recommend learning about it, but I am of course deeply biased in thinking it is awesome.

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Thanks - sounds awesome and I guess I will need to figure out a path to qualify…

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The 2024 OPL is now halfway towards being full. Only 118 spots remain!

I’m sure this exists in a Paydala thread somewhere but I couldn’t find it. I have two teams eligible for OPL. Can I process them with one single transaction?

It is one payment transaction per team or entry for Ottoneu across the board.

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There are 98 spots remaining in the 2024 OPL. We are 8 entries away from being 100% officially on for the 2024 season! There are a lot of drafts this weekend and these spots are going to get snagged as drafts end, so make sure to get your entry in.

2024 OPL has crossed over the all-important 150 entry threshold. 87 spots left. OPL starts on March 28th.

Does this mean you must sign up by 3/27 or can you sign up on 3/28 before first game begins? Very much on the fence on one of my teams. Thanks, Niv!

It should fill up before 3/28, especially with 30+ drafts getting done yesterday. It has filled up every year a few days before OPL starts, and I expect it to fill up again this year.


We are up to 182/240 spots taken in the 2024 OPL. As soon as the calendar turns to 3/28 in Eastern Time, signups will no longer be available.

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We are on the final push for 2024 OPL teams. There are 45 spots remaining.

As a reminder, OPL is a best-ball game with modified roster rules and unique prizes. You can read the full rules including the prize list, review the last 3 iterations of this contest, and then enter your qualified teams.

Unlike past years, everyone who signs up will get the opportunity to get a unique t-shirt at increasingly discounted prices.

I think OPL is a unique and excellent complement to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball, and I encourage you to check it out.


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