2024 Ottoneu Prestige League

It should fill up before 3/28, especially with 30+ drafts getting done yesterday. It has filled up every year a few days before OPL starts, and I expect it to fill up again this year.


We are up to 182/240 spots taken in the 2024 OPL. As soon as the calendar turns to 3/28 in Eastern Time, signups will no longer be available.

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We are on the final push for 2024 OPL teams. There are 45 spots remaining.

As a reminder, OPL is a best-ball game with modified roster rules and unique prizes. You can read the full rules including the prize list, review the last 3 iterations of this contest, and then enter your qualified teams.

Unlike past years, everyone who signs up will get the opportunity to get a unique t-shirt at increasingly discounted prices.

I think OPL is a unique and excellent complement to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball, and I encourage you to check it out.


It’s moving day - the 2024 OPL had 38 entries since late last night. There are only 5 spots left, and I imagine they will be gone by the end of the day. Final, final push!

UPDATE: The 2024 OPL is sold out. Game starts on Thursday! Thanks to everyone who joined. Very excited to see how this iteration plays out.

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Blatantly obvious from my reoccurring appearance in this thread that this is my first year in OPL, but I’ve searched and cannot find an answer; at the bottom of my roster it has players who are ‘projected to miss OPL snapshot’. What exactly does this mean and is it preventable? I completed a trade for Devers that processed 4/12 and he’s showing at risk. Thanks for your help and all that you do!

If you have more than 40 players on your roster. For example, you have guys on the 60 day so you have extra slots, then the most recent players acquired over 40 are not on your OPL roster. Those player(s) are listed in the “missed the OPL snapshot.”

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OK great thank you!

Similar question from another player answered here with full details and rules citations:

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