2023 OPL is live!

2023 OPL signup day is now here. There is only one notable change from last season.

Changes to Two-Way Players in OPL

In keeping with MLB’s “Ohtani Rule” and reflecting the changes to two-way players in Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball, Shohei Ohtani and any other two-way players who are both DHing and pitching for a team in the same game will be pickable by the OPL best ball algorithm as both a hitter and a pitcher in 2023 OPL. That means all of Ohtani’s points can be captured in OPL, rather than picking between the better of his hitting or pitching points.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am currently working on implementing these changes in both Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball and Ottoneu Prestige League but feel confident the work will be completed well before Opening Day.

Other than this change, OPL remains the same as last year. The rules are documented on the site; feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Two teams have entered before I even hit publish, so sign up ASAP.


OPL goes live on Opening Day and just over 2/3 of the spots are taken. If your team qualifies, you can enter here:

We’re past the point of “no return”, meaning OPL will happen no matter what in 2023, even if the remaining spots are not filled.

hey niv,
i just signed up for OPL! just to confirm what i think i read, rosters are frozen at certain dates throughout the season, right? so your opening day roster is your roster until may 1? then your may 1 roster is your own player pool until june 1? then so on?

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Yep that’s exactly right. There’s a snapshot taken around 4am ET and that snapshot is your team until the next snapshot. The final snapshot takes place around the All-Star break.

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sounds good. looking forward to it!

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We are down to 46 spots remaining in 2023 OPL.

As a reminder, here is the prize structure:

Place Cash Prize
First $1600
Second $1200
Third and Fourth $600
Fifth through Eighth $400
Ninth through 16th $200
  • The 32 teams that qualify for the H2H tournament will receive an OPL t-shirt for that season

  • OPL champion will receive a custom wooden bat engraved with that season’s OPL logo, as well as automatic entry into next season’s OPL

Even if OPL does not sell out, this prize structure will not change

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We are now down to only 31 spots, so if you’re considering signing up for OPL, now is the time.

The last day to sign up for the 2023 Ottoneu Prestige League is Opening Day at 12am ET. As the day turns over from 3/29 to 3/30 in US EDT, OPL will no longer accept signups.

We are down to 5 spots left!

OPL full! :champagne:


Is there a waitlist?

Nope, OPL is a first-come, first-serve situation and once it sells out, it is sold out.

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Hope this doesn’t sound too whiney, but there’s a team with $653 in salary in OPL opening day. Maybe others with more, it’s not sortable. Has there been any thought to implementing some kind of cap? Sorry if this has been discussed already.

There is no cap to incoming loans for an OPL team. The team in question made some pretty bold win-now trades and gave up a lot of future value. This is one of the stated goals of OPL and if they are successful I’d be interested if we see more teams swinging for the fences in February and March.

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Fair enough. Guess there’s nothing stopping me from doing the same.

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2023 OPL is now in the final stretch before the playoffs with the best team performances overall in 3 years of OPL.

The Ottoneu Slack has a strong #opl channel that I would recommend joining for strategy/gameplay conversations as well as player discussions and of course sweating out clearing the big red line.

Good luck to everyone in round 3!