60-day IL Status FAQ & Megathread

In light of this post from yesterday, I realized there is no proper summation of how the 60-day IL status works on Ottoneu.

In short:

  • We do not manually manage the 60-day IL
  • We pull the latest injury information from our injury provider, Rotowire, very regularly
  • Sometimes they have information that is out of date, in which case I’m happy to email them if I am available. Please post to this thread if you see someone with an incorrect injury status.
  • You can also contact Rotowire directly. They are very responsive.


The Rotowire note and MLB.com says Kluber was transferred to the 60IL, but he still is listed on the 10IL. Can that be updated to free up a roster spot for me?

Rotowire hasn’t updated Kluber in their database yet. If you want, you can send them an email using the link in the original post. They are fairly responsive and the site will auto-update once they make the change. I am not available to send them a note until tomorrow morning, but I will as soon as I can if it remains in the wrong state.

FWIW, you can tell Rotowire still has Kluber on the 10-day (despite their note) by visiting their player page for Kluber.

I emailed them. Thanks

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Jacoby Jones not updating to current IL status.

Rotowire should have this updated soon based on their latest news blurb. As always, you are more than welcome to contact them directly.

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Awesome thread. Was just going to come here to remark on Jacoby Jones.

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I emailed Rotowire about JaCoby Jones.

Seth Beer is listed on the 60 day yesterday, but he’s sitting on the 10 day in my roster. Just completed an auction and it is asking me to cut a player because of this. Any way to fix this?Seth Beer Stats, Fantasy & News | MLB.com

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I’ve emailed Rotowire about Seth Beer.

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Seth Beer is now on the 60-day IL, Rotowire responded in less than 10 minutes after being emailed.


Awesome. Thanks so much, Niv! In the future, should I just email rotowire’s support email?

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Yep, if you notice it, you can definitely email them.

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