A Thank You, from me to all of you


I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and has a merry Christmas tomorrow. I really appreciate everyone’s support and energy playing the Ottoneu games this year, and tomorrow I have a little present to show my gratitude.

I have taken a few lower priority requests that I’ve compiled over the last 4 months and will be working on them all day tomorrow. I’ll post to this topic as I push out changes.

Thanks again for all your support in 2017, and here’s to having a great 2018.

'Today' Filter on the Lineups page

I’ve added community badges to Ottoneu user profile pages

Example: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/user/nivshah


I’ve added a ‘delete all targets’ button to the Roster Organizer, for a quick reset on that page.


I’ve added trade details to the Trade History & Status page. This will allow you to do some searching using the browser search to find trades for players, etc.

This will make it easier to add filters in the near future as well.


I’ve added links to the applicable transactions lists for In-season Auction results. If a player was added via in-season auction, you now can click and see the full auction results.


You are the man, Thank you!!


This is fantastic - love how the badges are now integrated with the league profile pages.



This is also a huge addition - thank you @nivshah


Some users don’t seem to have the same username on the community forums as they do on FanGraphs. I am not sure how these users pulled that thing off, but I’ll explore it later this week!


Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:


For leagues that aren’t full, your league homepage now has a link you can share with other users so they can easily join your league. This should simplify the ‘invite’ process!


Thanks for all you do!


I have one more project I want to knock out, but the beer and holiday meals have caught up to me and I’m going to have to stop working now. Look for a bonus present here tomorrow.

Thanks again everyone. I hope some of these improvements are useful!

Rule change suggestion regarding trades

Ok, I have pushed out the last of these little changes, but it won’t be obvious just yet.

You can now change your trade waiting period between the default 48 hours and 24 hours. This will show up in the Commissioner Tools / League Settings page when trading is not allowed, so after the keeper deadline and before the draft and after the trade deadline and before the end of arbitration.

I know this was a very popular Wishlist item, so hopefully more than a few leagues take advantage of it!

Any chance of shortening the waiting period for trades?

Wow, this is a big one. This is great - thanks for all the gifts, Niv.


Yes, thanks Niv! It’s very kind of you to spend your holiday making our playing experience even more enjoyable.


I like this add a lot. Could you put a link at the top of the page that allows you to jump to “Rejected Trades”? I look at rejected trades a lot to help me formulate new trade offers and that’d be easier than having to scroll past all my accepted trades. I tend to scroll past the “Rejected Trades” header if I get scrolling too fast. Thanks for all you do!


Nav links have been added through the Trade History & Status page for easy jumping around.


I am so appreciative of how you handle the game, the site, and interactions with the users. I formerly belonged to a site for many years that dealt with the aforementioned incredibly poorly; all for the honor of paying $100 with no prize payouts, buggy software, poor interfaces, and little communication with the customers.

So again, thank you @nivshah .


Any way to accomplish this change after the draft is completed?