Abandoned Team Issues

I’m commissioner of league 752, and I abandoned a team last night because the owner was inactive for over a month. I had a owner reach out about wanting to claim the team however that owner couldn’t find the team on the abandoned team list. I looked no one has claimed the team yet either so I don’t understand why it isn’t available to claim.

I pushed out a change last week that I forgot to mention, and I’ll write it up soon. The gist of it is that I was getting a lot of feedback from commissioners in private leagues that they didn’t want expired or abandoned teams to show up on public lists. So, I’ve suppressed those teams from showing up on those lists. However, I also rolled out a change that allows commissioners to change if their league is publicly listed or private. You can change this whenever you want, so you can make your league temporarily public to get someone to claim an abandoned team, if you’d like.

Let me know if this makes sense.

UPDATE Written up here

Makes total sense and thanks!

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