Available and Expired Teams and League Privacy

Going forward, teams that are expired or abandoned in Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball private leagues will not be listed on the abandoned or expired team lists. This change will be coming to Ottoneu Fantasy Football very soon.

In the baseball commissioner tools, you can now change a league from public to private and vice-versa at any time:

I made this change based on feedback from a number of you that run private leagues and expected more control over who would be allowed to join. If you want to open your league up to the public, you can at any time and change it back to private once your available teams are claimed.


Getting a lot of questions about this, so bumping this post.

I’ve made a significant change to the claim teams page, where teams that need a new owner can be found.

Going forward, all users should be able to see all available teams, in both public and private leagues. In order to claim a team in a private league, a potential owner will need the league’s password from the commissioner. All users will now be asked to accept our terms of service.

Commissioners can continue to change leagues from public to private and vice-versa as needed, and commissioners can also change the league password, if necessary.

These changes are live now, and if you are having issues please make sure to clear your cache!


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Is it possible to list league format (5x5, 4x4, etc.) on the listing page? Would save a bit of time from having to select “settings” when searching for teams that best fit what I might want to join. Just a thought.


This is done :+1:

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That works. Thank you.

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is there a way to reach out to commissioners of private leagues?

There currently isn’t - I am planning on rolling out some stuff to address this in the next couple of weeks.

What is the process to claim a team

Visit the Claim Teams page:


And click “Claim” on the right of the team you’re interested in claiming. If the league is private, you will need the password from the commissioner, which you can get by reaching out directly to them (League Settings -> Commissioners -> User Profile) or by posting here in the Owners Wanted forum. You can also browse the Owners Wanted forum and post in any topics that from leagues of interest.

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