Ability to 'pass' on bidding on the current player in the auction draft

This going to be added??? Really speeds up the end of drafts. Not sure I can find or ever heard a reason to be against it.

Passing on a nomination when you have as many dollars as roster spots is a competitive advantage, so this will not be added. If you do not want to nominate a player you are free to mark yourself as done with the draft.

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Even earlier in the draft, skipping your nomination can be a big advantage - if you had the option to not nominate the strategy would be to basically never nominate. I know in the leagues I run, I do not let people skip - I pause the auction and make them make a nomination, or mark them as done so they can no longer bid (though, I have never actually had to mark someone done - they either choose to be done or nominate).

Not at all the right concept I’m speaking of. This is about the only thing ESPN ever nailed. Pass function is NOT for skipping your non turn. I agree. That’s bush league. It’s for PASSING on a player that is nominated that you don’t want. It’s works like a charm and speeds up drafts. It really speeds up the end game. If I nominate a player with 7 other owners still in the draft and they all “pass” it’s immediately ends the nomination. Time saver.

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I’m not sure that would save a huge amount of time but I’ve never considered this feature and had no idea what you were talking about so that is probably why it was never implemented or discussed.

Anyway its a neat idea and I’ll consider it for 2022.

This is more interesting. How much time does it really save? 5 seconds per nomination?

Yea sorry for not clarifying. I don’t have data on it but in end games of lame ESPN drafts is saved about darn near the entire nom cycle. You’re talking 3-4 rounds at end game when guys are waiting to Nom their $1 guys. It is as much about speeding up the boring end rounds as it is saving 15-20 minutes. Here and there it saves during the entire draft as well. Example: Niv and I in a bidding war up to $40 on a player. Finally I tap out and pass. If other owners have passed already it’s over just like that. In my experience all owners heavily utilized that function in our leagues. It’s a cool function.

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It sounds cool, although I’m not sure how it would work in practice as it would require active participation by everyone in the draft to hit pass when they’ve done bidding. Personally, when a player gets nominated that I’m not interested in, that’s when I take a few moments to update my spreadsheets, make any adjustments to my bidding/nomination strategies, etc. It’s pretty rare that I’m just staring at the screen for 0-15 seconds per bid on a player that I’m not interested in. I’d think that I’d rather choose to be able to take short mental breathers throughout the draft rather than end 15-20 minutes earlier. Note: I play RTS with constant pausing so I’m effectively playing a turn-based strategy game (e.g., a Paradox title or whatever), so I’m just a slow poke by nature.

But it’s a cool concept that would make for an interesting league options for those leagues who all wanted to do it.

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This really helps out for the ends of drafts when the last few owners are filling out their rosters. It also doesn’t require everyone to pass. The ESPN feature is also automatic at ending an auction once the bid cost is higher than the total $ of all other owners; basically, if the cost is higher than you can bid, the system already reads you as a ‘pass’. So, if 75% of your league is marked done with the draft, it only takes two or three other owners to start hitting the ‘pass’ button to really speed up the end of the draft.