About the Ottoneu Champions League

The Ottoneu Champions league is a “last man standing” competition consisting of two divisions (A & B) of twelve owners each. Only Ottoneu owners who have at least one league championship on their resume may join the Ottoneu Champions league, the concept is designed to bring the very best Ottoneu players together under one league.

Winning Division A (530) is the ultimate goal of the Ottoneu Champions league, and the winner gets to sign their name on the “official” champions jersey each season. Division A also uses a relegation system, demoting the 11th and 12th place finishing teams each season into Division B (725). The only way to enter Division A is to be promoted from Division B, where the top two owners every season take over the relegated rosters from those leaving A.

Sound complicated? Sound unique? You can read more of the rules about the Champions league here.