Add notes in football

I know football I more newer. But why doesn’t it have all same stuff we have for baseball?

They are different platforms and require different features due to the differences in the two sports. I didn’t build out notes yet for football for two reasons:

  1. Was not sure how much notes would be used in baseball
  2. Still am not sure notes are necessary in football due to the considerably smaller player pool

I’m tracking how player notes are used in baseball this season and will use that data to inform if they should be brought over to football.

Turns out, notes are a solid addition after year one. Over 10% of teams have dabbled with player notes and teams that use notes do so for, on average, over 10 players.

As such it seems to make sense to bring this over to football and I’ll start on it today. It’s not the most complicated system but I am not sure exactly how long it will take to get working fully. Will update here once it is ready.


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