New features: Player/team notes, Watchlist add from search

Today we’re rolling out Ottoneu Fantasy Football player and team notes. This is a popular baseball feature that was requested to be brought over to football. You can read about how to use player and team notes here.

We’ve also added a little star icon to search results that allow you to quickly add or remove players from your team watchlist. This makes it fewer clicks to manage your watchlist.

Let me know if you run into any issues that a cache clear or a hard refresh (cmd/ctrl + shift + r) does not fix. As always, thanks for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports.

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Hi Niv,

Little criticism/feedback on the notes for football… it’s better to have them, but the color is visually distracting, namely in that it’s the same color as the news-update. Maybe file this under personal preference, but if you can do a neutral color I think that would look better, more streamlined, less confusing. Let me know what you think.

Thanks again,

Try clearing your cache or doing a hard refresh.

It should look like this:

A reminder that I should include screenshots when new stuff is rolled out!

Or, alternately did you mean when you have notes and the player has news?

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OK, well that is better, that looks cleaner. I’ll do the hard-refresh, that will fix the colors. It is hard to decipher at first glance if I’m looking at a news flash or just the note tab.

It still does look a little crowded on certain pages, like the Index/League page, there’s some overlap of notes/names now. It’s similarly crowded on the mobile-view Team page. These are just esthetic concerns, but I’m getting feedback from my league that they don’t like the look as much. We’ll let the kinks iron out and see how we feel later.

While I have you, the new player notes themselves, from Rotowire (on the player cards), don’t look as clean as the previous iteration. Everything is all capitalized and the text-box is large and clutters the card. I hate to criticize new things, or anything you’re doing, I hope you know from the tones of our previous conversations that I’m coming from a place of peace/love! Sometimes less is more, this may be one of those times.

Your thoughts?

The bold player news is an oversight and will be fixed.

I’m looking at it now, everything looks well! It all looks good. The notes are not noisy, the clutter seems to be cleared, and the player cards are clean. You remain the man.

I didn’t even change anything yet. And I guess I was wrong about the player news, they were not / are not bold.

I think this was mostly a “please clear your cache before making judgment” situation.

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Well, man-status remains regardless.

Apologies for the quick hook!

The matchups page shows duplicate news-tabs, I just noticed, after refreshing and double-checking everything, just a heads-up.

I have some other thoughts I’ve been gathering recently, will probably post them at some point, don’t want to wear out my welcome…

Thanks again, Niv!

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ah duped news icons are a bug and I’ll knock that out tonight. Thanks, always welcome the feedback.

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Sounds good. Thanks for everything, I’m happy to help out in any small way I can. Please stay well!

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