Notes are now available in Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball

Today we are rolling out a brand new Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball feature: player and team notes. You’ll start seeing little icons next to player names in multiple places. Here’s an example from the league home page’s last 10 transactions:

Clicking on the icon will pull up your team’s notes for that player:

Once you have notes saved on a player, their notes icon will be highlighted:

These notes are available on player pages, lineup pages, the roster organizer, the trade block, and other various places where player names may show up. Notes are league-specific, so they will not carry over to teams you have in other leagues.

We have also added the ability to keep notes on the other teams in your league. This can be found on team pages, lineup pages for other teams in your league, and the inbox / messaging system.

You can find a complete collection of all your team and player notes in your Notebook under the team menu.

Relatedly, we’ve added a new top-level Tools menu. We’ve added this to make the submenus less busy and thus easier to navigate, especially on mobile. The links moved to the Tools menu are:

Calendar & Finances
Team Production
Record Book
Draft Results
Roster Export

Additionally, the Restricted Players list has been moved to underneath the Players top-level menu.

We’ll be experimenting with these links as the season progresses, so please share your feedback here or with me directly.

Watchlist Notes

As part of this change, all Watchlist notes have been moved to Player Notes. Watchlist Notes are no longer available.

This new feature was borne out of a Wishlist thread. I’ve granted @ClownPrince a Genie badge.

I hope you all enjoy this new feature! Let me know any questions or feedback you have, and thank you for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports.


When I click on the note icon, the page kinda flashes but the panel doesn’t open, any suggetions?

If you are running into issues with the site, please make sure to refresh the page and clear your cache if you have continuous issues. There are a lot of Javascript updates with this feature release, so you’ll have to tell your browser to make sure to download the latest code.

I’ve made some changes on the site side that should help tell your browser this as well.

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Great idea. Thanks!

Will the player notes be available during the auction (i.e. in the auction room?) If not, please make that possible!

Nice addition, thx Niv!

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Yep, that’s the plan.

Very nice idea. A great add.

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If a player is traded will your note follow the player or be removed?

Your note is tied to a player. You can leave notes for players on your roster or on other team’s rosters or free agents. Your notes stay regardless of any transactions that occur with that player.

Thanks. If someone places a note on your player or roster it looks like it’s anonymous correct?

No, you won’t see notes placed by other teams on your players. This is your team’s notebook, private to only you and not seen by others.

Ok this makes more sense. If three owners place a note on a free agent player, those notes are never visible to each other, regardless of who ends up owning the player? A note in any form is never a communication to another owner correct?

Yes, of course. These are your team’s notes, not general league notes on a player.


Player notes have been added to the Search page and the auction draft’s search and watchlist areas.

Really cool addition, thanks!


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