Space for team notes on roster organizer page


For owners that have multiple teams it would be helpful to have a place to leave yourself notes on the roster organizer page. This way when you review your roster and make determinations regarding needs, etc. you can jot down the notes for ease of reference during future log-ins.


Is there any opportunity for a “Notes” page within the roster organizer or even as its own page, even just being able to send messages to yourself could prove useful. Thanks!


Being able to send messages to yourself might be a clever way to handle this. Does that sound good, or too limiting?


I would prefer a place housed on the same page. Something that can be updated and saved regularly. If I send messages to myself, then I have to keep up with them. I feel like at that point I might as well keep a real notebook, and I hate paper! Thx for considering!

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You’ve built Notes functionality on the Watchlist page, but it’s always been my desire to have this same functionality on the Lineups page. Would be nice to make notes as we’re reviewing stats / matchups / splits, and enable quicker decision making when building daily rosters.