Allow Leagues with n Copies of Each Player

I think it would be cool to allow leagues to run with multiple copies of each player. I think the most likely scenario might be n of 2. Two Trouts, two DeGroms, two Mercedes.

A follow-on option would be the ability to exempt players from the player universe for a particular league.

Crazy? Maybe, but it would allow some interesting setups.

With first option, two leagues or more leagues could run a tournament over 2 or more years. In year one, all the leagues have 1 copy of each player. But in year 2, the teams that advance will by default have overlapping players (n = 2).

With the second option – the ability to exempt players from the player universe, two leagues could be designed to draft from the same player pool. Think of a 16 team league, but in two 8-team divisions (like the AL and the NL). With some creativity, the finalists in each league could have a final week playoff – either with offline scoring or a short-run Ottoneu league created just for that purpose.

This has been available since 2018:

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