Any Ottoneu Players in the Washington, DC / DMV area?


Hi y’all,

I live in the DC area, and I’d love to see if there’s anyone around who’d want to get a beer and chat during the offseason. I’m also lightly involved with Baseball Hack Day, and we’re considering a DC location for the 2018 Hack Day.

So… anyone in the DMV?


I do, sounds like fun!


Yup, I’m in petworth.


I’m just down the street in between AdMo and Columbia Heights :+1:


@keefsmitty is in Arlington and I’m near Bethesda…both work downtown.


I am in Mount Pleasant!


H Street NE guy checking in! Always down for a beer


Should have asked this earlier, dang!

I’ll try to together a casual meet up sometime in mid-December, probably over in DC NW.


Hi Ottoneu friends!

I’m Geoff Harcourt, and I’m organizing the DC location for 2018 Baseball Hack Day. I hope to see lots of you at whatever meetup we do in December, but also please reach out to me if you think you’ll want to attend in March/early April (date is a little TBD).

You can reach me at my name with a dot between the words at gmail.


I’m in Arlington, and also own a doodle (I think I’m identifying that avatar dog correctly).


I’m going to circle back to this in mid-January, but hopefully we can get together somewhere in DC and have some beers and talk baseball. Really cool to see how many people nearby are playing Ottoneu!


Hello DMV Ottoneu players! I’ll be at Kingfisher on February 20 at 5:30p until 8p. I think David Appelman will be joining, as well as @gsh2304. Let me know if this time / location works and bring whoever and we can talk about fantasy sports and baseball and whatever else!

Hopefully this is of interest to some of you and we can make it a semi-regular thing.


Awesome, I’ll try and make it!


Reminder: this is going to happen on 2/20, in 12 days. I have a limited edition of Ottoneu stickers that I’ll bring to the bar, so try and make it and get the first publicly available Ottoneu swag.


I brought over my Yahoo league and we are a DMV based group. Over half of the players live in the area. I’ll pitch it to the group.


That would be great!


Reminder: this is tomorrow! 5:30 at Kingfisher on 14th St NW between Rhode Island Ave and P St.


Out of town for work, but would like to see this become a thing that happens on the semi-regular.


Shiiit I might be stuck at work late tonight, I will definitely try to make the next one!


Ah dang, good luck w work