Any Ottoneu Players in the Washington, DC / DMV area?


I’m at Kingfisher at the bar. Wearing a red hoodie, in case you can’t recognize me from the avatar. Looking forward to meeting some of you!


Just wanted to say it was awesome meeting everyone last night! Thanks to Niv for organizing and hopefully we can do another one soon!

All the best,


Yeah Blake thanks for coming by! David and I got dinner after and we agreed about what a fun night that was, so definitely interested in doing it again. I believe @weirdo5 had some ideas about opening day…

Also, if you’re in the Bay area or NYC (and I’ll post more about this soon) I’m coming to your general region this summer and we should get a beer and talk fantasy sports.


Awesome, yeah a smaller group of my DC-based fantasy baseball league members and I usually watch opening day (and a lot of other baseball) at a bar called Blaguard since they have a full mlb directTV package, a good happy hour, and it doesn’t usually get super packed. Kind of a similar vibe to the the pre-trivia kingfisher.

I guess this year MLB is airing all 30 teams on Thursday 3/29, so we could try and get 3 different evening games or so on the TVs.

Anyway, I will almost certainly be there and it would be awesome time for another meetup, or if anyone interested wants to join me please do!


DMV peeps, I’ll try to meet @weirdo5’s crew at Blaguard on Thursday for a few innings. I’ll bring stickers and if you see me in person and give me your username, I’ll put you on a list for testing out some beta features in the future.

Those of you that aren’t in the DMV, I’ll be doing a similar thing in California and NYC in June.


Awesome! See you there Niv! The O’s play at 3pm so I’m aiming to get out of work early and head there while some optimism about the team’s season remains, but definitely planning to watch the evening games as well!


Ooh, I’m going to miss this by just two days, I’ll be at the O’s game Saturday night!


Might be missing an earlier post but what’s the timing on this? Will definitely come by if I’m home from work in time.


I’ll try to come by halfway through that Orioles game and stick around into a few innings of the one 7pm game. This is highly dependent on everything going smoothly tomorrow, of course :slight_smile:


Hey y’all,

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it over tonight. I’m working on some performance tweaks and I want to get cracking on the H2H game page improvements. Maybe we can have a baseball watching session on a Tuesday later in April?


I’m in a white ripken jersey, come say hi when you get here!


All good man, always down for more baseball!


Should we take another stab at this?


I’d be down. It would be doable for me on a weekday at 7pm or later or the weekend.