Development Update, February 2019

Baseball is around the corner. Pitchers and catchers report in a week, which coincides with our 2nd ever DC Meetup. If you’re in the DC area, try and come by Pop’s Sea Bar next week after work and say hi.

January was all about the Auction Draft

  1. The auction draft was incrementally improved to use technology more suited to real-time communication. This should result in the smoothest auction draft yet. I believe one league has already drafted, and I’d love to hear from them!
  2. As part of the previous work, the regular season watchlist can now be imported into the auction draft room. Some users want to keep those watchlists separate, but now you have the option to merge them for the draft.
  3. RFAs are now more visible across searches ahead of your draft, both in the auction room and in regular search.
  4. Restricted players are also more visible and cannot be nominated in the auction draft room.
  5. We also added a date picker across a number of pages. This is a component we can and will use on other pages that could use this functionality going forward. Standings, Team Production, Rosters?

I spent a large chunk of this month abroad and the auction draft work ended up being more involved (and more rewarding!) than expected, so I was not able to address all the wishlist items that I wanted to. These items are going to roll over into February goals:

  1. Easier to filter and navigate the Transactions list
  2. Easier to navigate the Trade History list
  3. Restricted player list sorting improvements
  4. Date ranges for the Standings page
  5. Trade block reset button
  6. Figuring out if there’s space on the trade wizard page to place your trade partner’s trade block

These are all community-suggested wishlist items that I want to engage with this month. Also, and probably more importantly ahead of baseball season starting, I’ll be focusing on testing the H2H GS Cap and the various new playoff configurations that are now available.

Thank your for your continued support of Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


The fact that these updates come regularly and are thorough enough to take in all the wish list items of the community is one of the major reasons why Ottoneu is the best platform available. Thanks Niv.

Could you please work to get Harper and Machado signed to complete the off season? :wink:


The restricted player list is now sorted by the first letter of the Player Note. The backend where this list is managed is still sorted by when the player was added to the restricted list.


This is very helpful - thank you

I messed around with trying to put the full Trade Block on the page where you can propose a trade (Trade Wizard). I couldn’t get it to look quite right and didn’t love how that already cramped page felt on mobile, so I moved away from putting the whole trade block on that page and instead made a simple link back to the Trade Block.

I’m happy to revisit this if anyone has better ideas.

The Trade Block reset button is now live.

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After talking it over with @damgagnon, I took a stab at highlighting players on the Trade Wizard page that are on the other team’s Trade Block. Both needs and haves are now highlighted on this page and @damgagnon will get a Genie badge.


I addressed this request:

If you’re in a H2H league and you have a weekly GS cap set, the roster organizer should now give you 5 SP slots. @bryannutbrown earns a Genie badge for this.


This doesn’t seem to consistently work yet. It’s possible the completion of a draft might have messed with the highlighting.


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