Development Update, March 2019

The MLB regular season starts in 15 days, so we are putting the final polish on the site ahead of Opening Day. There is still time to form leagues, and you can draft after the season starts without any issues, so get your dynasty going today!

Through February I mostly worked on the H2H GS cap, which now should be fully implemented. I also addressed a few Wishlist items:

  1. The restricted player list is now sorted by Note
  2. Trade blocks can be reset with one button
  3. The Trade Wizard highlights players on the other team’s Trade Block
  4. The standings page now has a date picker and a date range mode for tracking performance over the course of a season (I started this work in February, I swear!)

Additionally, I made further performance improvements to the Auction Draft server, and started legwork on some longer-term Wishlist items, including per-user timezones, improved navigation on Trade Status and Transaction lists, Trade Block Updated emails and team logos.

March is going to be focused on behind-the-scenes stuff. I have some infrastructure work I need to address that is not worth writing about here but will make it easier for me to understand and fix site issues. I want to continue to improve Auction Draft performance as well. I will be picking out some low-hanging fruit Wishlist items where possible:

  1. I’d like to put Auction Draft dates on the dashboard sooner rather than later so it can be useful for this offseason
  2. I’d like to make Draft Results exportable as well, sometime in the next few days.

Otherwise I’m working on the longer-term Wishlist items I mentioned above.

I’ve found these updates to be motivating, and I hope they are as useful to all of you as they are to me. Thanks as always for your continued support of Ottoneu Fantasy Sports

Baseball is almost here!


Auction Draft dates are on the dashboard now.

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Draft results are now exportable.


Maybe I missed it in a previous update, but no player game ratings this year, like last year? ( mean that rating out of 100 next to each playing in your lineups page)

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