Any Ottoneu Players in the Washington, DC / DMV area?


All good man, always down for more baseball!


Should we take another stab at this?


I’d be down. It would be doable for me on a weekday at 7pm or later or the weekend.


Ok let’s take another stab at this. Pitchers and catchers start reporting on February 12 - anyone want to get a beer on the 12th and talk about how the offseason went / is going?

If you’re in the DC area and available in 3 weeks, let me know and I’ll pick a place!


If the shutdown ends by then, I’m game.


The manager of Pop’s Sea Bar in AdMo plays Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball, and he’s offered up their upstairs pinball / game space for a meetup. So we’re a go for February 12 at Pop’s. I’ll be there around 5:30pm and if you’re able to, come by any time from then on. Hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you.

February 12, Pop’s Sea Bar.

Development Update, February 2019

In the future how about a live draft in dc. NFBC does a live draft for its higher leagues. Just a thought on maybe a $500 league/ 15 team live draft. Make a weekend out of it.


Missed the earlier messages but I’m 80% in pending work travel. Would be great to meet up again!


Would love to do more in-person events, for drafts and games and everything. Will keep this in mind.


A couple of my pals from the original Ottoneu league will probably be attending, and David Appelman from FanGraphs should be by later in the evening. If you’re in the area, definitely try and come!


Hey, that’s a couple blocks away – I’m down!


Love to see you get 15 core Ottoneu guys and do a live draft to start the fantasy season. Like an FSTA draft. Dave can represent FanGraphs. Things like that. Love to talk some smack with you and your boys concerning fantasy baseball.


I’ll be there. Looking forward to it!


Reminder: DC Meetup on Tuesday, February 12. That’s just 5 days from now!

Pop’s Sea Bar upstairs, starting around 5:30p until whenever.


This still on for tomorrow?


Yep! I’ll be at Pop’s around 5:30p


See you all there!!


This is still extremely on for just after work. Come by and say hey! I will have some Ottoneu stickers, exclusively available to those who meet me in person, for now.


Why the heck don’t I have any ottoneu stickers???


When do you think “whenever” will be? I have a basketball game at 7 but would love to come by after.