Auction question

i cut j leclerc over 30 days ago and have a cap penantly of $7 dollars on him. i can now reauction him for a buck. If i win the auction for a buck do i actually add 6 bucks that would now be available to me?
he is on the 60 day DL so he really isnt any value to me …but would be willing to add him in order to add 6 bucks available to me.

This thread should help:

Right now, Leclerc is on the books for $7 to you, due to the cap penalty. If you start his auction, the minimum bid anyone can place will be $7. If you win the auction for $7, your budget doesn’t go up, but you get Leclerc back on your roster, which you can then cut for a $4 cap penalty ($3 in added cap space) if you so choose.


Great info. .much thanks

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i am interested in picking up a free agent. His price is $ 7.00 as a minimum bid. How long does it take for that price to come down? Based on his recent performance he is not worth that dollar figure?

Every time you cut a player, your salary cap hit and their new minimum bid is cut in half (rounded up, with a minimum of $1). So the minimum bid depends on the price that he was cut at, which is half of his salary. It has nothing to do with his productivity. Salaries in Ottonue are determined by the market (subject to the game’s rules).

For example, that player has a minimum of $7 salary because he was $13 or $14 when he was cut. That should be reduced over time if/when the Ottoneu owner who cut him renominates him and then immediately cuts him to reduce their salary cap penalty. Like if the person who originally cut him were to renominate him and win him for $7, then he could cut him to reduce both their salary cap penalty and the minimum salary to $4. And then in 30 days the player could be renominated and then cut at $4, in which case his new minimum bid would be $2. And so forth.

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