Re-auctioning players after 30 days

I’m the commissioner in League 207. One owner had Y Gurriel for $16. He cut him, then started an auction a month later, and won that auction for $8. Oddly, his $8 cap penalty was removed, and he’s only been charged $8 for Gurriel, so he effectively got the player he cut at a 50% discount to his original salary. The owner flagged this and asked whether that is correct, or whether something glitched in the system. Hence, I am checking with you. Please let me know if you need any additional information, and thanks for your help.

Short answer: this is a known, accepted Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball strategy and anyone not re-auctioning players after 30 days should do that to lesser their cap penalty burden.

Long answer: There is a reason it took 30 days to auction Gurriel the second time - the system will not let you auction a player you cut less than 30 days ago. If after 30 days no one in the league wants the player at the current minimum, then the original team should be afforded some cap relief in order to move their team forward. They are still losing the production of what they thought would be a $16 player in this case, so they are still penalized to an extent. The 30-day rule is just meant to lessen that penalty without removing it completely.


Thanks Niv. Very helpful. We all knew about the “30-day” rule, but in 5+ years in our league nobody had tested it in this way (e.g. They may have re-auctioned a player they’d previously cut, but didn’t win the auction). The rationale for the rule certainly makes sense. I’ll share this with the league members.

Thanks again.


Adding to this topic per a question @LuckyStrikes had:

If a team has cut a player (and only CUT said player) in the last 30 days, it cannot start an auction for that player, regardless of if they were the most recent team to cut that player.

Could this be made automatic? It would simplify auction tracking.

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I have considered this, but I lean towards letting this be a little test on who is paying attention in their leagues.

A sidenote: I wrote this and then promptly went to my team page to see 6 players I should have reauctioned last week :roll_eyes:


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