Auction Rules and the Cap Penalty

On March 1, I cut Player A who had a $50 salary. No one claimed Player A within 24 hours of the cut, so Player A went to waivers. My team carries a $25 cap penalty.

30 days pass, and no one has auctioned Player A, who is now eligible to be re-auctioned by my team at an opening min bid of $25

If I bid and win the auction, keeping Player A, does the $25 cap penalty that I earned from the March 1 cut go away?

It’s the re-auction rule:

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I’m aware that my cap penalty goes away is another team wins the bid, but I’m wondering if it goes away when ANY team wins the bid…including mine

From the thread I linked to, and in fact from the text in the preview to the thread I linked to:

Yes, your cap penalty will be removed.

The thread gives a full explanation of why the system works this way and why it isn’t automated.

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thanks…I read the thread and the logic for the re-auction period…honestly, I didn’t expect to have a chance to bid following the cut so these were uncharted waters…could have been an expensive lesson if I bid aggressively and ended up with Player A and his original cap penalty

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That would be a really punitive financial system and could put a team underwater for a whole season. Don’t worry, it takes real concerted, dedicated effort to get your team underwater for a whole season :slight_smile:


this was the line in the rules that I was looking to be clarified

If a player passes through waivers, 50% of his salary, rounding up, counts against his previous team’s salary cap as a cap penalty, until he is claimed by another team

Ok, I’ll add a note.

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