Baseball sims while we wait ideas

I’m curious of anyone’s experiences with baseball simulations that allow on-line league play as a possible way to help wait all this craziness out. I’m thinking of things like Strat-o-Matic 365, Out of the Park’s on-line mode, something called SimLeague Baseball that I just ran across – anything like that. If you have any experience or advice with any of those platforms – or any others – I’d love to hear it. It’d be great to do a sim league like that with some of my fantasy league mates while we are all home going nutso, but none of the solutions look all that straighforward from the little reading I’ve done on it thus far. Thanks for any thoughts!

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Well it isn’t a sim league (OOTP is very good from that perspective), but the baseball obsession that takes up more of my time than Ottoneu last year is Major League Redditball.

This is more of a community online baseball league that you would create a player that plays on a team with other players in real time, versus other teams full of real people’s players. The game, in itself is simple: your player when at bat picks a number between 1-1000 and reply’s to the Ump’s post announcing your AB on reddit. The ump then compares your number with the Pitcher’s number (1-1000) that was sent to the ump privately and the difference dictates the result. Your player build, the pitcher build, the park, the handedness all contribute to the ranges of the results. But a difference of 0 equals a HR, whereas a 500 diff would be a left side ground ball out (and a triple play if the circumstances were right).

While the mechanic seems a little simple, the community and the depth of the play (players repping their personas, teams competing for championships, and the dugout camaraderie) is amazing. Very active community chatting and refining the game through rule tweaks and new mechanics (steals, pickoffs, defense) mostly on a discord server. You can be as involved as submitting a number swing on reddit every once and awhile, or you can be a captain or gm and writing news articles about the new draft class.

There is a new draft happening for all new players in a couple of weeks. Now would be the time to sign up and see if you can get on a college team (we’re about to go into bowl games) and then enter the draft. One of the 30 MLR teams may pick you up! I was drafted by the Fake Minnesota Twins last year, and I love it. Our dugout in particular is hilarious and active.

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Feel free to message me if you have questions. Or I can reply below as well.

OOTP21 comes out on the 20th, and I am going to look into what multiplayer looks like in the latest version. Perhaps we can spin up a few Ottoneu Community leagues. I’ll have a separate thread after I investigate on the 20th.


That would be awesome, Niv – thanks!